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The First-Time Manager

A manager manages; a leader leads. Being a manager involves the application of the basic skills and practices of planning, coordinating, organising, directing and implementing human, material and capital resources. While management is mainly about process, leadership is more about behaviour.


Building Trust In The Workplace

Trust is the cornerstone of most human relationships. Trust is earned. Trust is having faith that people and the organisation as a whole will do what they say they'll do: 'credibility of actions!' Trust therefore is not a technique but an outcome of character.


Personal Effectiveness and Time Management

Old certainties are going. Employees increasingly need to adjust their attitudes in order to cope with change. Improving your personal effectiveness is a way of becoming more productive in the workplace.

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Loretto Training & Research

Smile. If you’re looking for a superb trainer, coacher, speaker or researcher, you’ve just found the right one. My engaging, hands-on, motivating approach will get the results you want. Clients describe me as a cross between Ruby Wax and Victoria Wood – lively and with a great sense of life and humour. I’m a natural speaker, genuine and inspiring.

So why are you here? What do you need to sort out? Do you need to improve your staff’s management and professional skills? Personal development? Coaching to make your next career transition? Or do you need an inspiring speaker?

My Services Include:

Get in touch to discuss rates, availability and how I can make a difference to you or your organisation.

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